An inter-neighbourhood knowledge exchange: Nordbahnhof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

Ein Wissensaustausch zwischen den Nachbarschaften: Nordbahnof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

.פרויקט לחילופי ידע בין שכונות, נורדבאנהוף, שטוטגרט וג'סי כהן, חולון



The Idea of The Project

This project aims to build the foundations for an inter-neighborhood, long term collaboration between Jessy Cohen in Holon and the Nordbahnhof neighborhood in the Rosenstein district in Stuttgart. The neighborhoods will be represented by the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon and the Wagenhallen Kunstverien in Stuttgart.
The idea of inter-neighborhood exchange builds on the tension demonstrated in the urban phenomenon of redevelopment, where local authentic values are transformed into capital in the hands of developers on the expense of the community, as demonstrated by the Stuttgart 21 protests or on the collapse of public housing services as demonstrated in Jessy Cohen neighborhood. We believe these Glocal questions should be address in a Glocal format which allows locally based art centres and their local communities to meet each other.
This long term collaboration will manufacture a neighborhood-based knowledge exchange program built on case study archive and database. The program should include and serve, art practitioners, as well as the local social and cultural networks of each partner. These can include local residents, social workers, teachers, activists and more.
In order to install this program we propose a oneyear project that will include mutual visits and workshops and will culminate in a cross neighborhood manifestation of the network and a mutual database of neighborhood based knowledge. It will lay the foundations for a continues inter neighborhood collaboration for which, a proposal fwill be envisioned in the future.
This proposed project should be seen as an first step but at the same time its planned outcomes are important and needed regardless of any future outcome.

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