An inter-neighbourhood knowledge exchange: Nordbahnhof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

Ein Wissensaustausch zwischen den Nachbarschaften: Nordbahnof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

.פרויקט לחילופי ידע בין שכונות, נורדבאנהוף, שטוטגרט וג'סי כהן, חולון



The Nordbahnhof Group

                                    Sylvia Winkler                                           
Stephan Koeperl
Sylvia Winkler (*1969 / Austria) and Stephan Koeperl (*1966 / Germany) got their degrees from the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. Since 1997 they are working and living
together as an artist couple. The main part of their artistic activities focuses on site- and context specific interventions, which they are realising in various places around the globe. Their projects usually develop from observations in public space and are elaborated site specifically.

Lukasz Lendzinski
In the year 2007 Lukasz Lendzinski and Peter Weigand founded Umschichten, trying to define a building not as a finished reality, but rather as a step in the process of appearance to disappearance, leaving no trace. Instead of pushing technologies like solar and thinking more technically, Umschichten tries to keep it simple by working with existing circumstances. Umschichten are involved in various teaching activities, working with micro practices, from works with cordless screwdrivers to urban development. Their core themes are material strategies such as “pre-cycling”, “fluid architecture” and questioning about how much planning and time is needed to activate unused urban spaces. Umschichten works in an "act-now" modus, analysing afterwards what happened.
Liv Prönneke
31 years old, 3 daughters, 1 PhD in Physical Electronics, 7 years living in Stuttgart-Nord, 3 years establishing the urban jungle Nordlichtung.
Nuno Rodrigues 
My Name is Nuno Rodrigues, I am 44 years old, I have 4 children and living since 16 years in the heart of the Nordbahnhof district. I studied Architecture in Stuttgart that is he reason why I am still living in here. I was never working as an Architect but always involved in discussions and debates. I am a teacher for children with learning difficulties and others that need any kind of support for learning. I am active in the Infoladen Stuttgart 21, member of the district advisory council as expert for foreigners. I gained experience in all kind of social, cultural, ... Institutions in the Area because of my children. I use to have a shop for telecommunication at the Nordbahnhofstreet for four years. During that time I took care of all kind of problems of my customers and got to know most residence of the Area and they got to know me from which I suffer till today.
Aurele Balthazar Mechler
Aurele is born in switzerland and holds swiss and french nationalities. he spent his youth in basel, mainz and most of it in heidelberg. after completion of his high school, he went to stuttgart, germany, where he studied art design and visual communication at the merz academy and took part in the activities of the national academy of forming art (staatliche akademie der bildende kuenste stuttgart). in addition, he is a founder member of the plattform for artist named "brennende pudel" in reference to goethe`s faust tragedy. this group was active on the stuttgart stage and has organised a variety of cultural manifestations including exhibitions, concerts, shows and filmpresentation. Now he is working at the artist association "waggons am Nordbahnhof" in stuttgart. His studio is located at the wagenhalle in stuttgart, a place that is known, like the waggons for his cultural programm.
Kirsten Maiba
Kirsten is born at the 27th of october 1972. From 1992 to 1995 she studied social work in Stuttgart and since that time she is into open cildrens` and youth Work. 1997 Kirsten started to work for the "Stuttgarter Jugendhausgesellschaft", since 2005 she is leading the youth centre in the Nordbahnhofviertel for that organisation. Her work also includes the belongings of young people in the social space and the youth town council. Further Education: Experimential Education, Social Economy, Systemic Coaching.
Carla Schwarz
I got my Diploma Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in April 2013 at the University of Stuttgart.            

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