An inter-neighbourhood knowledge exchange: Nordbahnhof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

Ein Wissensaustausch zwischen den Nachbarschaften: Nordbahnof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

.פרויקט לחילופי ידע בין שכונות, נורדבאנהוף, שטוטגרט וג'סי כהן, חולון



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project Hall

Project by Luciana Kaplun and Mai Omer with artist Ira Shalit, Musician Neta Weiner and a group of teenagers from Jessy Cohen

21.10 - Workshop at Beit System Ali With Neta Weiner.
Touching on place home and belonging.

11-13.10 - Woking with Ira Shalit during Sokkot Holiday vacation.

2.9 - Workshop at Beit System Ali with Neta Weiner

21.8 - A concert by BTY a local young band from Bat Yam.

7.8 - Visit to Tel Aviv to see Luciana's exhibition in the CCA and Pizza in her studio.

22.7 - Workshop with Neta Weiner. This workshop took place during the war and through writing touched on the political situation.

8.7 + 20.7 - Workshop with Ira Shalit, building a bench using the materials we found near Ayalon

17.6 - Sound workshop with musician Daniel Davidovsky

10.6 - A tour with the kids and artist Ira Shalit along Ayalon highway to pick up materials that can use us to build things.

20.5 - we filmed and photographed using a smoke machine.

11.5 - First workshop with musician Neta Weiner.
Weiner talked about the origins of hip hop culture, ha some voice, bit box and writing exercises.

6.5 - Film screening – We made popcorn and watched a film –
Many kids showed up including girls from Bat Yam- the City across the highway.

22.4 - Since it was in around Passover ( the holiday with spring cleaning) went to the neighborhood to collect things people through- we took a couch.

1.4 - We move to the a space the center hadn't used on a regular base that was formally used as a gym.

18.3 + 25.3 - We met in the shelter in the center – we started deconstructing a bicycle to create a sculpture. More kids joined us.

25.2 - a visit to the design museum

18.2 - We planed a constructed meeting about sound and voice, a meeting that had the formula of a youth movement activity.
It didn't work at all. It's didactic approach didn't fit neither us as moderators and nor the kids as participants.
Instead of having this activity we changed our plans and just had a long conversation with the kids that stayed about ourselves, about religion, immigration and Israel.
Since that meeting we decides not to use the methods like the one used in courses, schools or youth moments but to think more like a workshop.

1.2 - meeting in the office meeting room with four boys.
We went trough the pictures we took a week before and used photoshop to play with those images and to create an invitation. The invitation to a trip to the design museum to see an exhibition about bicycles.

28.1 - First meeting with three boys.
We asked the boys to take us on a tour in the neighborhood. The boys took us to along the highway to the bridge. We took a camera with us and took pictures. One the way we talked about ourselves as sort of introduction.

25.1 - On Saturday Luciana and I went to the Center to ask the kids if they want to participate in the project.
We met about 10 kids playing football in the center's mini pitch. I knew most of the kids but only and some by name. we asked them if they want to work with us towards an exhibition that will have bikes in it. They said yes. Talked for about 20 minutes about our plans.

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  1. This is so great, it looks like you had a really good connection to the young people!


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