An inter-neighbourhood knowledge exchange: Nordbahnhof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

Ein Wissensaustausch zwischen den Nachbarschaften: Nordbahnof, Stuttgart - Jessy Cohen, Holon.

.פרויקט לחילופי ידע בין שכונות, נורדבאנהוף, שטוטגרט וג'סי כהן, חולון



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Moving installation workshop

As part of a series of workshops taking place at the exhibition Fine Mechanics, a moving installation workshop took place at the center, by Tzzazit artists – Eili Levy and Uri Levinson.

Children and parents created together a moving installation sculpture – made of an electrical engine and various materials like: wood, metal, plastic, springs etc.
The participants experienced different methods of combining various materials and the way they influence their movement and learned how to turn circular movement into straight movement.



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